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Stay tuned! Will be available in late 2022.

New This Year!
Commit By March 1 to Pay Through June 1
To better understand your intentions for the upcoming season and to enhance your experience in processes like the Sooner Seat Upgrade Process, and Red River Showdown seat and home game parking online selections, an initial installment on a payment plan or full payment must be received for both your 2023 Sooner Club membership and football season tickets by March 1. 

Opting into a monthly payment schedule for your Sooner Club membership and football season tickets by March 1 will allow you to continue payments through June 1, 2023. At this time, renewing your Sooner Club membership is available; football season ticket renewals will go live in late 2022. Payment plans to renew your Sooner Club membership can be set for any day of your choice while payment plans for football season tickets will be set to pre-assigned days. These pre-assigned days will be communicated once football season ticket renewals are live. 

Flexible Payment Options
You have the opportunity to structure monthly payments that allow you to meet your desired membership level for the 2023 season. Commit to your Sooner Club membership renewal at any point prior to March 1 and extend your payments through June 1. All contributions outlined on your 2023 renewal statement are required to be paid in full by June 1.

For those who commit to your 2023 Sooner Club membership in October, eight monthly payments will be available to you. Locking in your membership from now through February 15 will result in your account being awarded bonus points in the amount listed below. For example, if you renew your Sooner Club membership in full or opt into a monthly payment schedule by October 31, your account will be awarded 100 Championship Points and 100 Sooner Points.  

October 31 • 100 Championship & 100 Sooner Points 
November 30 • 75 Championship & 75 Sooner Points 
December 31 • 50 Championship & 50 Sooner Points 
January 31 • 25 Championship & 25 Sooner Points 
February 15  • 10 Championship & 10 Sooner Points 

How do Championship Points & Sooner Club Points help me?  
Points are utilized when allocating membership benefits including Red River Showdown ticket quantity and online seat selections, home game online parking selections, away and championship ticket requests and more!  

Your Impact and the Optional Gift
Included on your 2023 renewal statement is the opportunity to support our student-athletes through an optional gift to the Inspiring Champions Fund.  This investment provides our student-athletes with resources that allow each of them to pursue excellence on and off the field of play including academic support, medical and psychological resources, nutrition, recovery and recruiting. The optional gift is 100% tax deductible and those who invest will also receive 50 bonus championship points on your account for this membership year. These 50 points are equal to a $5,000 seating priority gift and help you for Red River Showdown seat and home game parking online selections.  

Maximize Your Gift By Making a Pledged Gift
Many members who are passionate about investing in OU Athletics’ top priorities have committed to a pledged gift (payable over 3-5 years) to a future facility project or student-athlete initiative such as Women of Championship Excellence or the Inspiring Champions Fund. By pledging a gift, you will receive the full amount of Championship Points to your account immediately upon committing while paying the gift over three to five years. Pledged gifts must total $10,000 or more.   

Additional Ways You Can Invest In Champions