What’s New and Changing for 2022
The 2022 Oklahoma football season is just around the corner, and we are excited to share with you new enhancements to your Sooner Club experience. With convenience and transparency in mind, you will have the ability to select your Red River Showdown seats and parking for home games via interactive maps online. Now more than ever, you will have the ability to choose how your gameday experience looks based on your Sooner Club membership priority. 

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Key Dates for 2022
April 29, 2022
Renewal Deadline for Sooner Club Membership and Football Season Tickets

May 6, 2022
Championship & Sooner Points Calculated

May 18, 2022
Men's and Women's Basketball Commitment Date

Mid-May - Mid-June
Football Sooner Seat Upgrade Process
Second Round Texas Sale for Accounts that Qualify

NEW - Home Game and Away Game Tickets on Sale

NEW - Red River Showdown Seat Selection (all accounts with Red River Showdown tickets)
NEW - Parking Selection (all accounts at Bud Wilkinson level and above)
NEW! Red River Showdown Seat Selection
All fans with tickets to the 2022 Red River Showdown will now pick their seats in the Cotton Bowl using an online interactive seating map. Members will be notified via email in July of your specific time to select available seats with the seat selection process beginning in July. Times assigned will be designated based on membership level and Championship Points associated with your account. Accounts at the Captain membership level and below will be able to select a maximum of six (6) tickets in a primary location. Maximum ticket quantity is based on your membership level.
NEW! Parking Selection (Bud Wilkinson and Above)
Sooner Club members in the Bud Wilkinson membership level and above qualify for parking in the Boomer parking lots. Qualifying members will have the opportunity to select your gameday parking lot at the same time and through the same interactive process as your Red River Showdown seats. Those who qualify will be notified via email in July of your specific time to select your gameday parking lot in July. Times assigned will be designated based on membership level and Championship Points associated with your account.
Frequently Asked Questions

Additional Home and Away Game Tickets
Season ticket holders will be notified via email of the opportunity to request additional home game and away game tickets on June 7. These requests can be made by logging on to your OU Athletics online membership portal.

Away game ticket allotments will be prioritized by membership level and available until allotment is exhausted. Additional home game tickets will be awarded based on Sooner Points associated with your account as availability allows. Fulfillment of away game tickets is based on available inventory and prioritized by membership level & Championship Points associated with your account. Please note, limited inventory will be available for OU vs. Nebraska in Lincoln and we anticipate a large number of requests that may not be fulfilled. Further instruction will be sent via email by June 7.
2nd Round Texas Sale for Accounts Who Qualify
Accounts who have not yet been awarded tickets will have the opportunity to purchase Red River Showdown tickets in mid-May. Qualifying accounts will be notified via email and priority will be given given based on membership level and Championship Points associated with your account. 
Basketball Renewal Commitment Date
Don’t forget! Your renewal for men’s and women’s basketball is available now! Commit by May 18, 2022, by renewing in full or enrolling in a monthly payment plan. 

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Frequently Asked Questions
Why an online process for Red River Showdown & Parking? 
Your Sooner Club experience is our priority and with these enhancements comes convenience and transparency. By utilizing this online interactive process, each eligible Sooner fan can quickly browse and select available options and immediately know your Red River Showdown seat and gameday parking locations the same day.  

Prior to selections starting in July, the online portal will be available to all eligible Sooners fans to log into the system and gain a better understanding of the process leading up to your selection window opening.

What if I want to sit with other season ticket holders for Red River? 
Once you and your favorite Sooners’ selection times become available, you may coordinate selecting seats together. If sitting next to another season ticket holder is paramount to your gameday experience, it is recommended to log on to the online portal at the same time and view the available inventory together.

Why can’t I receive all of my tickets together? 
To provide the greatest number of accounts with prime seating locations, accounts at the Captain level ($15,000+) and below will have the opportunity to select up to six tickets in a primary location. Any number of tickets greater than six will be selected from a secondary location 

All-American level ($25,000+) members and above will be eligible to select up to eight tickets in a primary location with all remaining tickets available to be selected from a secondary location.

Can I have an OU staff member select my seats/parking for me? 
Our intention for this process is to provide the opportunity for you to browse and select your desired locations. Our team will always be happy to assist in answering any questions you may have regarding your selection but will ask you to complete the process on your own computer. This will also allow you the most timely selection of seats.
Will I select Red River Showdown seats AND my gameday parking location at the same time? 
Yes, eligible accounts will select their Red River Showdown seats then immediately be entered into their parking selection. Accounts at the Bud Wilkinson level and above qualify for the parking selection process.

Will I select Red River Showdown seats AND my gameday parking location at the same time as I look to upgrade my home seating location? 
No, changes to your home seating location will take place through our Sooner Seat Upgrade Process. While this selection also occurs through an online interactive seating map, this process will occur during the months of May and June. Separate from your Red River Showdown seat selection and gameday parking selection (for those who qualify), eligible accounts will receive an email with your specific time to view available inventory for home games. At this time, you may change your home seating location or add additional seats.

Can I have the same location(s) I had last year?
You will have the option to select any available seat during your selection time. In the past, seat locations have been reallocated each year. Each year, we have made allocations based on 1) Current Sooner Club Membership Level and 2) Championship Point Total.

In 2022, accounts at the All-American level and above will be reallocated the same locations as 2021 with the opportunity to view available upgrades. Accounts who have significantly improved their overall giving or participated in any bonus point offerings related to their 2022 Sooner Club renewal, are encouraged to participate in the selection process. 

Accounts below the All-American level will not have seats reallocated into their account and will need to utilize the seat selection process to ensure they have their desired locations solidified based on available inventory.

What if I’m busy during my allotted timeslot? 
Once your selection window has opened, you will be able to log in to select your seats at any point from your start date until the completion of the Red River Showdown and parking selection processes.

What if I don’t select anything during the process? 
Any account who hasn’t selected your location will be assigned the best location available determined by OU. Please note that not participating in the Red River Showdown selection could impact your seating location.

If I don’t like the location I receive, can I request a refund? 
Per the university policy outlined by the OU Foundation, refunds will not be offered for any ticket and/or donation payment.
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